Let’s reinvent recovery, North Dakota.

Recovery Reinvented is an ongoing series of innovative practices and initiatives to eliminate the shame and stigma of addiction in North Dakota. We are uniting to find solutions to help people in our state affected by the disease of addiction with proven prevention, treatment and recovery approaches.

Addiction is a chronic disease that affects behavior. The disease of addiction is destroying lives, families and futures across every social and economic group in our country.

This year alone, more than 60,000 people will die from a drug overdose in the United States. That’s more people than will die from car accidents. In our own state, alcohol and drug use is the No. 1 social issue.

Half of all arrests in our state are alcohol or drug related, and 75 percent of those in our prisons have an addiction.

Addiction has an impact on all North Dakotans. Addiction is treatable, and there is hope for recovery. Now is the time to act. It’s never too late, and it’s never too early.




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