Governor Doug Burgum, wearing a black suit coat and jeans, stands to the right of First Lady Kathryn Burgum, wearing a white jacket and jeans, in front of a screen with a picture of an award that says Hope, Dream, Act.

What: Third Annual Recovery Reinvented

When: November 12, 2019

Where: Bismarck Event Center

Who Should Attend: The general public, Native American communities, business and community leaders, behavioral health providers, university and college representatives, health care providers and administrators, addiction recovery advocates, faith-based communities, first responders, law enforcement, families

The Behavioral Health Conference will be held November 13-15 in the Bismarck Event Center.

To express interest in volunteering at Recovery Reinvented 2019, please fill out the following form. You will be contacted at a later date:

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Stories to Stop Stigma

The disease of addiction impacts almost every family, business, and community in North Dakota. But the power and hope of recovery can inspire reinvention and growth. This year, we may choose to highlight and celebrate local recovery stories from our communities during, and leading up to, Recovery Reinvented. We encourage people with an addiction and recovery story to provide their name, contact information, and a brief summary of their story (a couple sentences is fine), to provide us the opportunity to follow up with you as needed. We will never use your name or story without a follow-up conversation to confirm. Filling out the form is simply a way to get connected!

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Recovery Reinvented 2019 is a free event and registration will be opened at a later date.