Governor Doug Burgum and First Lady Kathryn Helgaas Burgum standing on stage at Recovery Reinvented 2017 with slideshow to left that reads

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Event Recap

BurgumsSeptember 26, 2017, marked the public launch of Recovery Reinvented, an ongoing series of innovative practices and initiatives to eliminate the shame and stigma of addiction in North Dakota.Held in Bismarck, the event included presentations and discussion. First Lady Kathryn Helgaas Burgum shared her experience of 15 years in recovery from drinking and challenged the state to see the state’s rank of No. 1 on lists for binge drinking as cause for alarm rather than a source of pride.

“As drug addiction and overdoses continue to take their toll on North Dakota families and stretch community resources, the first lady and I are committed to pursuing a holistic approach that includes treating addiction like the chronic disease that it is, and reducing the social stigma and shame surrounding addiction,” said Gov. Doug Burgum.

During the event, a number of recovery advocates were honored with awards, and new initiatives to engage the state in innovative prevention and recovery efforts were announced.


Legacy Award: Mike Kaspari, First Step Fargo
Frontier Award: Judith Roberts, Hope Manor Sober Living
Phoenix Award: Adam Martin, F5 Project
Trailblazer Award: Dr. Monica Mayer
Zezula Award: Kayleen Wardner and Senator Richard Wardner


A Day for Prevention, April 11, 2018
Recovery Innovation Prize
Free Through Recovery
Association of Recovery Community

Peer Support Specialists


Sustainable Recovery – William Moyers
Igniting a Conspiracy of Hope on College Campuses – Sharon Weber and Holly Sherman
Criminal Justice Reform and Re-entry – Mark Holden
A Holistic Approach to Native American Recovery – Carlos Rivera
Recovery Community Organizations – Nell Hurley
Welcome to Recovery Reinvented – Governor and First Lady
Questions, Answers and Wrap-up
Drum Circle – Standing Rock Sioux