We all play a role in a healthy North Dakota.

As a state, it is time we all face the problem of addiction in North Dakota. It is time we support each other with compassion, rather than judgment. It is time we reinvent recovery. You can help.

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Stories to Stop Stigma

The disease of addiction impacts almost every family, business, and community in North Dakota. But the power and hope of recovery can inspire reinvention and growth. This year, we may choose to highlight and celebrate local recovery stories from our communities during, and leading up to, Recovery Reinvented. We encourage people with an addiction and recovery story to provide their name, contact information, and a brief summary of their story (a couple sentences is fine), to provide us the opportunity to follow up with you as needed. We will never use your name or story without a follow-up conversation to confirm. Filling out the form is simply a way to get connected!

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Become a Recovery Community Organization

RCOs are dedicated recovery advocates working to change perceptions, policies and laws to improve the lives of those in the recovery community. All local, regional and state organizations that are led and governed by the addiction recovery community (people in recovery and their families, friends and allies) are welcome to join.

Association of Recovery Community Organizations

Become a Free Through Recovery Vendor

The Department of Human Services is seeking contractors for a multidisciplinary team offering comprehensive care coordination and recovery support services to individuals who are at risk to commit a violation or a new crime and have complex behavioral health concerns.

Free Through Recovery

Become a Peer Support Specialist

Training may be available through the ND Department of Human Services to counsel peers in recovery.

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