We all play a role in a healthy North Dakota.

As a state, it is time we all face the problem of addiction in North Dakota. It is time we support each other with compassion, rather than judgment. It is time we reinvent recovery. You can help.

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What is Families Strong?

Families Strong is a support group developed to support families impacted by substance use disorder. The program focuses on helping family members develop self-care, build social supports, and learn effective motivational strategies for interacting with a loved one who is struggling with a substance use disorder. Families Strong was adapted from an evidence-based, mental health professional-led model to be more accessible and sustainable by using a peer-led support group approach.

Main Goals

  • Minimize the negative effects of an individual’s substance use disorder on family members and friends.
  • Provide support for family members and friends of individuals with substance use disorders.
  • Change the methods the family member uses to communicate with the person with a substance use disorder.
  • Assist the person with a substance use disorder in getting treatment.

Why Is It Important?

Families Strong provides support for family members of those struggling with substance use disorder.

This support is provided through focused discussions and activities about:

  • Self care
  • Positive self-talk
  • Self-empowerment
  • Increased social support
  • Alumni connections

Families Strong also helps family members to have a clear understanding of substance use disorder and substance use treatment options by:

  • Discussing substance use disorder as a    chronic illness
  • Discussing prior treatment attempts
  • Discussing supporting your loved one in    treatment
  • Preparing for changes in the family
  • Working with refusal to enter treatment

How Does It Work?

9-week closed group

Meets weekly up to 2 hours

Follows weekly curriculum

Share Your Story: Addiction & Recovery Amidst COVID-19

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How have you managed your addiction or recovery through the COVID-19 pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created tremendous barriers for people in or seeking recovery, including increased isolation, stress, and uncertainty. But through these difficult times, it is important to lift up both the stories of struggle and the stories of hope. We welcome everyone to share a short video of your experiences managing your addiction or how you are continuing to walk the path of recovery through this pandemic.

Through these stories, we will lift up the courageous faces and voices of recovery on social media and during the Recovery Reinvented online event.

Nominate Someone for a #RecoveryChampion Award

Every year since Recovery Reinvented began in 2017, we have sought to lift up local champions who are reinventing recovery every day in their communities. The mission to end the shame and stigma of the disease of addiction and create a statewide culture that embraces recovery can only be accomplished through concerted grassroots efforts, changemakers on the frontlines and in the trenches, and the courageous faces and voices of recovery who use their stories to create meaningful change.

If you know of someone who is an advocate for ending the stigma of addiction, innovating how recovery services are delivered, providing second chance opportunities to those who have struggled with addiction, or for any other reason that supports the mission of Recovery Reinvented – we would love to hear about them!

Please fill out the form below including your first & last name and contact information, so we may follow-up if we need any additional details.

In the “Comments” section, please share some information on the individual or group you are nominating including:

  • Their first & last name
  • Their connection to addiction & recovery work
  • The community in which their impact is felt
  • Why they are deserving of being recognized with a #RecoveryChampion Award
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Be a Sponsor for Recovery Reinvented 2020

Recovery Reinvented would not be possible without the generous support of individuals, philanthropies, businesses and more who are committed to reinventing recovery.

We are grateful to all the sponsors and donors who make this event a transformative experience for everyone involved and we are looking for additional sponsors to help us reach more people to empower change and save lives.

If your organization is interested in being a sponsor, please email info@recoveryreinvented.com to learn more about our various sponsorship packages!


To express interest in volunteering for future Recovery Reinvented events, please fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you.

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Become a peer support specialist

Peer Support Specialists are individuals with similar first- hand, lived experience and demographic identifiers as the individuals they are serving. Peer Support Specialists use their experience to support others in their recovery, serve as a pro-social model, provide information, guidance and advice, establish good rapport, and offer insight to the participant’s care team.
Training may be available through the ND Department of Human Services to counsel peers in recovery.

Become a recovery community organization

RCOs are dedicated recovery advocates working to change perceptions, policies and laws to improve the lives of those in the recovery community. All local, regional and state organizations that are led and governed by the addiction recovery community (people in recovery and their families, friends and allies) are welcome to join.

Community Educator Training

Responding to Addiction” provides communities with the most comprehensive training on addiction that is currently available in the United States. Expert educators translate the key science on substance use disorders into understandable, accessible, and actionable information. Delivered by the Addiction Policy Forum, a nationwide nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating addiction as a major health problem

The content includes current research, practical skills, and further resources to help individuals and communities improve how they respond to addiction at any and all levels. Specifically, this session will cover; the brain science of addiction, prevention, evidence-based treatment, how to help someone who is struggling, debunking myths, stigma, and overdose awareness.

This training session is:

  • Free
  • Available to anyone that is interested in being an informed advocate!
  • Will be held on a date to be determined in the coming months. The training will be held in North Dakota.

Sign up to be notified when we announce the training date and more information about this program in the form below. In the comments section, please do the following:

  • Why you are interested in the “Responding to Addiction” training
  • Your home town
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